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"Recruitment is one of the most important parts of every growth strategy."

Job boards and recruitment agencies have not adapted to the ever changing labour market. Finding a job should be an exciting experience. We are here to make job search easy and fun again. 🕵️‍♀️

Owlie is where you find all the best SaaS jobs in one place. With the largest amount of tech jobs in the Benelux, honest job descriptions and expert advice we’ve got you covered: whether you’re a SaaS OG or looking to kick off your career in SaaS. 🧞‍♂️💃

We are a purpose driven talent agency, that helps startups, scale ups and tech giants hire faster, select better and retain longer.

Get in touch for headhunting services in the field of Sales, Customer Success, Marketing and Product. 

Hire top SaaS talent fast with Owlie.

Loved by everyone, from SDR's to CEO's.

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You’re a startup, scale-up or tech company looking to hire talent. Working with Owlie just became an option. 💡

We are the linking pin between candidate and employer. We’re here to make sure candidates get an honest and realistic idea of what their future role looks like.

We challenge traditional perceptions of recruitment agencies and make sure Owlie is your most valuable partner in winning the war on SaaS talent. 🦉

We help you scale your SaaS company. Faster, better and most importantly: with an honest model. 

350+ startups and scale ups recruit with Owlie


Your vacancy filled within 
5-7 weeks


Save 30% on recruitment fees


Improve your employer brand by 10%

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Oohoo! Get a sneak peek into our vibrant OOHOO culture by exploring our company and job details page. 🌟🔍

Owlie is a fast growing SaaS recruitment scale up. We believe we can positively impact the industry and help start- en scale up brands fulfill their growth plans! 

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