PHP Application Engineer

Utrecht / Full-time
Utrecht / Full-time
36 - 40 (per week)
€ 5000 - € 7000 (per month)
5+ years
Required skills
Company info

What’s in it for you?

  • Competitive salary ranging from €5.000 to €7.000
  • 25 vacation days based on a 40-hour workweek, ensuring a healthy work-life balance. An 8% vacation allowance is included in your salary, paid out monthly (not annually)
  • Pension contribution of 50% is paid out monthly. Educational activities are encouraged; €2,500 per year learning budget and 1 week of 'learning' during work.

  • NS Businesscard is provided (public transportation is encouraged)

  • An amazing shared office at the heart of Utrecht,  a 10 minutes walk from NS Central Station

What skills do you have?

  • 5+ years of experience as a PHP Application Engineer/Backend Developer.

  • Proficient in LAMP, PHP (8.1), and PHP Storm IDE, MySQL. Experience with Symfony (5.4), transitioning to 6.4. Familiarity with PHPUnit for unit testing and mocking, PHPStan, Sonar Cloud, Behat, and Blackfire for performance testing.

  • Excellent English skills, both written and verbal.

  • Comfortable working with algorithms and sufficiently adapt at mathematics in general.

  • You embrace the Agile mindset and work well in a relatively flat organisational structure. Proactive approach to problem-solving.

Company information

  • Validaide’s mission is to “Be the industry standard for digital risk management of pharma networks” and has developed a unique software solution to achieve this mission. On one hand Validaide is a platform where 100s of logistics companies globally can define, maintain and share their so-called ‘capabilities’ in handling healthcare products (storage, transport) conceptually similar to e.g. how one defines and shares their resume on LinkedIn. On top of that dataset and enriched with a variety of third-party information – such as Climate data, Flight Schedules, Historical Weather Data, etc. – they offer a solution to digitise the creation, maintenance, and collaboration of so-called Lane Risk Assessments (LRA). Having an LRA in place is a requirement from the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) that govern the transport of healthcare products.

  • Capturing data in Validaide allows users to quickly share data-driven information and in return reduce the risk of pharmaceutical shipments being compromised. Alongside an advanced platform, update notifications alert freight forwarders and other users of changes in their lane assessments or other information.

  • In a beautiful commitment to environmental stewardship, the company extends a thoughtful gesture by providing carbon offset benefits for its employees. Have a look at what they have been providing at:

  • Unique company culture. International and diverse team, hailing from Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania.  

  • HQ in Utrecht

Why work at Validaide.

At Validaide you join a small but dedicated team that has got each other’s back and is comfortable taking ownership and getting things done. It is also a very international group with nationalities from all over Europe. In a recent survey to team described working for Validaide with keywords such as ‘supportive’, ‘transparent’, ‘friendly’, ‘flexible’, ‘inclusive’, ‘respect’ and ‘teamwork’. They are growing steadily and are a unique player in their industry (they're pretty much the only company doing what we’re doing). If this all appeals to you, then you should work at Validaide! 😊

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They value your contribution, and they will support you where they can. 
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Where will you work
Their team members  work at least two days per week at our office in Utrecht, combined with working from home.
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They offer a dynamic and international work environment.
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Drive for change

As a fast growing company, we offer plenty of opportunities to further develop and grow your skills.



Validaide supports pharmaceutical logistics service providers in transporting valuable and sensitive pharmaceutical products using their data-sharing Capability Platform and data-driven Lane Assessments and Lane SOPs. The Corona pandemic and the resulting global vaccine distribution demonstrated that digitizing pharma logistics - and thereby saving valuable time to
quickly deliver vaccines - has never been more important.

On Validaide, the special handling capabilities of logistics providers are gathered in one place. Hundreds of profiles of companies and storage locations at your disposal. 

They simplified the process to define, share, and search for this information. This allows parties to share their information fast and easily with their customers.

Shared information about logistics services and facilities offers freight forwarders insight into the capabilities related to handling special cargo. This allows them to evaluate the quality and risks of special cargo shipments. 

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Culture and

At Validaide, their culture is anchored in collaboration, transparency, ownership, and a commitment to their customers. They are dedicated to continuous improvement, driven by curiosity, and grounded in respect and compassion. Their ethos is not just about achieving excellence, but also about nurturing a supportive, fun, and balanced work environment. 


Men / Women

70 / 30 %








Average age


An example of
a week at Validaide

Your main tasks

  • Start your day with a daily scrum, where the team comes together to align priorities and discuss goals. Focus on the bigger picture, avoiding unnecessary discussions about code style. ;)

  • Meetings include refinement sessions for upcoming features and discussions about refining tools. Feature discussions for pharmaceutical clients are concise and never exceed an hour, ensuring efficiency.

  • Release cycles are scheduled, offering a chance to showcase the team's achievements and improvements.

  • Regularly tackle coding challenges to maintain and improve the baseline of code quality.

  • Dedicate time to writing tests, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the platform.
  • Work on refactoring existing tools and fine-tuning features, contributing to a constantly improving system.

Your career path

Lead Engineer
Validaide team 9
Validaide team 4
validaide team 3
Validaide team 7
Validaide team 5

Validaide's MISSION

Become the industry digital standard for risk management of global pharma networks

Validaide's Story.

validaide team

From the industry, for the industry

Validaide was founded in 2016 to support the pharma logistics industry with digital solutions for lane risk assessments and supplier qualification.

Today our platform is used by more than 1300 global logistics suppliers, pharma manufacturers and air carriers providing the leading digital solution to manage global distribution networks for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The application process.

Your application
Let us know you’re interested by applying for this role!
Phone-call interview
We’ll meet over the phone
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1st interview
1st interview online or at the office with the CTO and another team member. Upfront they would like you to do a little assessment.
2nd interview
A one minute video about yourself upfront and a more in depth interview with several team members
Job offer
You’ll receive a job offer!
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Any questions?

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Office located in Utrecht

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Arthur van Schendelstraat 650
3511 MJ Utrecht

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