Customer Succes Agent

Netherlands / Full-time
Netherlands / Full-time
32 - 40 (per week)
€ 3200 - € 3800 (per month)
3 to 5 years
Customer Support
Required skills
Company info

What’s in it for you?

  • Salary between €3200 and €3800 gross per month based on 40 hour contract. Additional legal benefits + Company Car
  • Flexible working hours, laptop and smartphone
  • An ambitious team with strong product knowledge, and colleagues ready to help you get ahead + In-depth training to learn our tools.
  • Making impact with your social skills
  • Excellent working facilities (flexible & hybride)

What skills do you have?

  • You're goals is to deliver the best support
  • 2-5 years experience in a CSM role, or something related
  • You are ambitious, flexible and enthusiastic and have affinity with hospitality
  • You are pro-active, not afraid to take initiative, and like the idea of being in close contact with all our customers
  • An excellent command of the Dutch, French, and English

Company information

  • We are pioneers in online food and beverage ordering, and experts in digital applications for the hospitality industry
  • For more than 6 years, after all, we've been helping hospitality businesses sell more, make more profit and deliver better customer service.
  • We are a young, ambitious, fast-growing organization that is continuously working to deliver the best services
  • We take care of hospitality businesses and offer all our customers a customized service. As the largest in the market, we unburden our customers, offering 24/7 support
  • Anything is possible at One2Three!

Why work at One2Three.

In the Customer Success Agent role, you will be responsible for developing customer relationships, working closely with them to bring the startup experience to the highest level. Your mission is to think along with the customer to enable joint growth and make our customers true one2three champions.

In addition, you are the direct point of contact for our customers when they have commercial or technical questions. In summary: you are customer-oriented from your perspective, you have strong communication skills and you feel comfortable in a fast growing and evolving environment.

If you are eager to become part of our team and play an important role in the growth of one2three, then this job is definitely for you!


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One2Three is a pionier in the Hospitality Software.
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Drive for change

We provide the finest personalized service to relieve entrepreneurs of their concerns.

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Work in an intimate team of 3 passionate and happy colleages.
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Drive for change
We are ready to stay the best partner for our customers.


As a rapidly growing software company, at one2three, we wholeheartedly pursue our mission: taking digitalization in the hospitality industry to the next level.

Imagine consumers reserving tables, ordering meals and drinks, and paying through QR codes, webshops, apps, and kiosks. Think about digital menu and information screens, loyalty programs, and more – our platform makes it all possible.

Our clients include fry shops, sandwich bars, bars, restaurants, holiday parks, butchers, bakeries, events, sports centers, and more – all seeking automation to better serve their customers.

For them, we move mountains. To achieve this, we bring together various talents, from software gurus to passionate designers, from marketing and sales experts to customer service superstars. Join our innovation team with energy and make a real difference! 

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Culture and Value

  • We work hard, but we balance that with the necessary fun. At one2three, we aim to make every day relaxing, educational, and motivating.
  • We operate within a flat structure, appreciating innovative thinking and contributions for an enhanced customer experience. We emphasize both asking for and providing openness and transparency. Our team is built around these values.
  • We prefer to steer clear of corporate procedures as much as possible because we believe a strong culture is the driving force behind achieving exceptional things. Everyone on our team is given the space needed to develop and grow.

Men / Women

49 / 51 %








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An example of
a day at One2Three

Your main tasks

  • You strive for high customer satisfaction, and a deep curiosity drives you to understand how your customer operates, their goals, and needs. You intuitively grasp how to contribute to their success.
  • Maintaining close connections with customers, whether through phone calls, emails, video calls, on-site visits, etc., is second nature to you. You ensure that things progress smoothly and handle challenges decisively. Occasional weekend support poses no problem for you, as long as the customer is happy.
  • You assist new customers in their initial steps by configuring the one2three solution according to their needs. To streamline your own work, you actively contribute to creating supporting materials such as digital guides, how-to articles, webinars, and customized training for partners.
  • Collaborating with the entire team, and specifically with developers, you work to enhance the one2three solution based on customer needs, all while maintaining a user-friendly interface.


Your career path

Senior CSM
Head of CSM


Taking digitalization in the hospitality industry to the next level.

Our Partners in words.


Center Parks - Fabian Scheys

"One2Three is een onmisbare tool met een gevoelige omzetverhoging voor het bedrijf. Een absolute aanrader."

The application process.

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Office located in

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Kantersteen 47, 1000 Brussel, België

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